Microbiology meetings


Microbiology meetings
Tuesday, November 3, 2020 - Wednesday, November 4, 2020Description :

At the forthcoming meetings of Microbiology, a program focused on the rapid microbiological methods (RMM) was declined and the MMR user perspective detecting viable particles will be introduced for environmental controls.

The monitoring of the utilities but also for the control of sterility of the finished products, and more particularly for the liquid products whose 100% control seems possible in the near future.

The promotion of RMMs by regulatory authorities as well as recent developments in their validation approach will be discussed and discussed at the final round table.

Of course, microorganisms resistance to the processes of radiation sterilization or disinfection of surfaces by air and the presence of mold in our pharmaceutical environments are also topical issues on which we will take stock.

Finally the inaugural conference on biofilms should allow us to understand their training and their evolution, but especially to discuss practical ways to diagnose them and get rid of them.

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