Cadence™ Virus Inactivation System - How It Works

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018Description :
A quick overview of the Cadence™ Virus Inactivation System and its mode of operation. In this video, we see that the fluid flow into and out of the mixer is via the bottom of the unit, using the recirculation loop. The recirculation loop facilitates: - Entry of externally pumped elutions into the mixer - Addition of acid and base - Transfer out of treated elution pool after processing - Mixing of the elution pool during titrations and hold - Sampling of elution pool The gentle manner of liquid addition from the bottom of the mixer, combined with close control of the impeller by the control unit allows the transfer, titration and mixing of the elution pool without foaming and splash back – minimizing the risk of carry over between batches of elution. The system mimics the traditional approach of manual low pH virus inactivation. The collection, low pH titration down, hold and high pH titration are all performed in the same mixer. During continuous operation, when the system has reached steady state, the incoming elution flow is collected into one mixer, while the second mixer processes the collected elutions. When mixer #2 has finished processing and has transferred out the current treated elution pool, it is then available for receiving elutions. Mixer #1 can then begin treating the next batch of elutions while the elution stream is directed to mixer #2. The diversion of the flow between mixers can be set to be switched immediately once a mixer is empty, when a certain fill level has been reached, or alternatively when connected to the continuous chromatography system at the end of the current elution after a certain minimum volume has been collected. See more on the Pall website at:

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